Station Road


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Volunteering at Station Road Gardens


Whilst the team have already made significant progress towards their vision, there is a lot more work to do before we realise the full design.


All the work to enhance, maintain and progress the garden is undertaken by volunteers.


The work required to be carried out varies from day-to-day maintenance such as pruning, weeding and tidying the existing beds, to the more ambitious tasks such as creating raised beds, planting of bushes, shrubs and trees, and landsaping of sections of the garden.



If you are able help out in any way, feel free to pop down on a Sunday morning; as this is one of the most common times when volunteers are working (although there is usually work carried out most days) .


We rely upon the support of volunteers for the

upkeep of the gardens as well as 

their development, and there is 

always something to do, so

if you can spare any time at all,

the team would always welcome you.


Alternatively, please get in touch with Keith